Full Name
Jason Bergeron
Job Title
B├╝roWHAT/D2 Conferences
Speaker Bio
After graduating from the University of Arkansas in 1999, Jason worked as an architect in New York City before ultimately settling in Vienna, Austria in 2003. As a matter of survival, he turned to architectural visualisation as way to delay learning German. Over the years, he has worked for numerous architects and visualization offices, as well as on his own as a one man show, and can now easily recite the Photoshop menus in sweetly English-accented German. More recently, Jason cofounded the D2 Conference, which has become the largest yearly gathering of arch-viz artists in the world. The combination of working as an architect, a visualizer, and organizing an arch-viz conference has given him a unique view into the arch-viz world, while also providing him with great motivation to work on issues that impact the industry.
Jason Bergeron